English (Reading):

We place the highest value on children’s literacy and strongly believe that becoming a successful reader allows pupils to flourish in all areas of the curriculum. We are also keen to work closely with parents and carers in developing our pupils’ love of reading; therefore we send home appropriately challenging books with pupils, to share with their families on a daily basis. Our younger pupils begin to develop initial reading skills via the teaching of phonics through the Read Write Inc programme. In Key Stage Two, the focus of teaching shifts further towards developing pupils’ understanding of the content of what they have read and is often centred on 3 key skills: Retrieval of key information, Inference of implicit information and the ability to comment on an author’s choice of language.  Children will engage with a range of high-quality texts, ranging from short extracts to full classic novels.

English (Writing):

We deliver the teaching of writing in carefully considered units of learning, designed to culminate in pupils creating a high quality example of a given text-type. Along the way in a sequence of learning, pupils are taught how to identifyinterpret and employ all the relevant features of the text-type, as well as the necessary elements of spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG). We often encourage children to share their ideas in collaborative group or partnered work, before asking them to commit their individual pieces to the page.

Istead Rise Primary School follows the Primary National Curriculum.