As a school we have a duty to ensure that all pupils attend regularly so they achieve their full potential.  The Government sets a minimum expectation of 95% attendance for every pupil. Istead Rise Primary School aims for 96% which is endorsed by the Trust, Ofsted and the Local Authority.  Any pupil whose attendance falls below 96% will be monitored very carefully by us and further action may be taken if it does not improve. We need parents/carers to ensure that their child(ren) attend school on time every day so that they never miss a learning opportunity. 


Your child should be in school before 8:50am every day.  Both gates are opened from 8:40am and children are able to enter their classrooms and begin early morning work from this time.  Children arriving after 8:50am will be marked as late. Arriving at school late on a regular basis has a huge negative impact on a child’s learning. If your child is late, an adult must accompany them to the school office to ensure their child is in school safely and explain the reason(s) for lateness.



If your child is absent from school we request that you call the office every day that they are not in school.  Short term illness of no more than 3 days is usually authorised, if we are informed daily of the reason your child is unable to attend school.  For any long term absences (more than 3 days) we will usually ask for medical evidence. If your child’s level of attendance is very low, we may ask for medical evidence for every absence.  Evidence can range from an appointment card from your surgery, a copy of a prescription or the empty medicine container with your child’s name on it.


Medical Appointments

Medical appointments should be made outside of school hours, but where this is unavoidable, please do your best to bring your child into school for their registration mark prior to an appointment.  Dropping into the office with your child will be fine. Following the appointment, please ensure that your child returns to school as soon as possible. All appointments during school hours will need evidencing or will be processed as an unauthorised absence.



In line with Government legislation and Trust policy, we do not authorise any requests for absence, including holidays.  Please complete an ‘Absence Request’ form which is available here to apply for any pupil absence.


Penalty Notice

We have many support services in place to help improve attendance, but we also follow the Government recommendations for persistent absence and unauthorised absences.  If your child receives unauthorised absences, you may be issued with a Penalty Notice, in line with Government recommendations. The current fine is £60 per parent per child and rises to £120 per parent per child if not paid within 21 days.


We know we can rely on the support of all parents/carers to ensure that children are in school on time every day.  


Remember – every learning minute counts