Broader Curriculum:

Our children are taught topic lessons based on the Cornerstones curriculum, which offers a different topic ‘theme’ for each year group on a termly basis.

Each year group learns about their topic through exciting and memorable experiences, carefully planned to inspire and engage our pupils. Through these memorable experiences, which are often cross-curricular, the children are encouraged to be active learners who take part in both collaborative and independent activities. We believe that every child should be exposed to a range of knowledge and information during their topic lessons, which include geography, history, DT, music and art, and we carefully plan lessons to ensure that the National Curriculum is taught in an engaging and fun way.

Our topic learning is not limited to classroom based work, we are fortunate enough to have vast grounds and we take advantage of this by planning outdoor learning activities which allow children to explore, collaborate and problem solve. Every child at Istead Rise is offered a wealth of experiences while on their learning journey through the school, which enables them to develop confidence as learners and have a greater understanding of the world around them.

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