Class Teacher
 (Year R) Miss K Underdown


Year 1 and 2 

Class Teacher
 (Y1) Miss M Kite
 (Y2) Mrs S Porter / Miss R Khattak


Year 3 and 4

Class Teacher
(Y3) Mrs D Baker
(Y4) Mr S Meredith


Year 5 and 6

Class Teacher
(Y5) Mrs C Cowell-Young
(Y6) Miss A Waters


Leadership Team

Mr S Payne - Headteacher
Mrs M Clark - Deputy Headteacher
Miss K Underdown - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Cowell-Young - Curriculum Leader


KS1 Support Staff

Mrs K Ridley
Mrs S Summers
Mrs M Devine
Mrs S Piner
Mrs L Neal


KS2 Support Staff

Mrs K Flatman
Mrs R Kaur
Mrs A Green
Ms A Llwelleyn


Lunch Time Team

Mr M Loe
Mrs E Reader
Mrs E Davies
Mrs A Llewellyn
Mrs G Howe

All teaching assistants form part of the lunchtime team as well.


Breakfast and After School Club

Mrs R Sandhu - Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs B German - Breakfast and Afterschool Club Assistant
Mrs K Ridley - Afterschool Club Supervisor


Other Support staff

Mrs J Andreou - Inclusion Leader
Mr B Tyler - Sports Coach
Mrs T Clark - SEN HLTA & Forest School Leader
Mrs J Mackie - Office Manager
Mrs N Bettey - School Administrator - Attendance Officer
Mr M Loe - Premises Manager